Water injection is one of the most useful techniques for enhancing the production of oil from petroleum reservoirs. This is not only because of the low cost of water but also because of the characteristics of the water which help sweep the trapped oil efficiently.

Water injection is used largely because of the general availability of water, properly water is injected, and the ability to propagate water through the formation of loading oil and the effective displacement of oil. Injection of produced water into the same formation from which the oil is produced or handled to another formation maintains the reservoir pressure. Re-injection of PW has been the most recent but sophisticated technology employed in many technologies. However, the setback of reservoir souring, loss of injectivity, uncontrolled fracture growth, scaling, increased corrosion, erosion increased energy consumption and bacterial growth are the associated problems with this technology.

Triton Kencana Tirta offers both the technology and chemicals needed to maintain the water injection process, from produced water re-use or sea water.